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About us

A drive by interior designer Lee Kleinhelter’s popular interior’s boutique in Atlanta’s chic West Buckhead neighborhood is designed to turn heads.

Much like her celebrated online storefront, the juxtaposition of color and white space, playful patterns and sophisticated vintage lines present vignettes so original, design moguls and an A-list celebrity clientele, find them a worthy diversion.

Founded in 2004, Pieces brought to the area a forward-thinking aesthetic—Hampton’s low-key luxury with a mid-century Palm Beach punch— and a sustainable approach to achieving it. Lee revives well-crafted vintage furniture with contemporary textiles and reimagines one-of-a-kind finds to give them new function. The continually changing selection and Lee’s eye for the unexpected has earned a reputation as stylemaker-to-watch by the top design and fashion magazines in the country. At ease in the pages of Elle Décor as she is behind her Twitter handle, Lee continues to blur the boundaries of her brand’s vision and voice.

Lee is married to Kevin Kleinhelter of K2 Construction. Together, they have combined talents on projects and homes that showcase his eye for building details with her style and design experience.